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Adultery Raps: Salve Me Head, Woman Enter Not Guilty Plea

The Freeman, February 10, 2005
Cebu, Philippines

By Joeberth M. Ocao

Alfredo Verano, the leader of the controversial Salva Me Pater Omnis Oculus Meus organization yesterday pleaded not guilty to the adultery charges filed against him and a woman who is a member of his religious cult.

Verano and the woman entered their plea before Municipal Trial Court in Cities Judge Donato Navarro yesterday morning. The pre-trial of the case against them is slated two months from now.

A few months ago, Verano was arrested but was later freed after he posted bail of P12,000. Donato issued the warrant against him following a complaint filed by the woman’s legal husband the other year. The husband alleged that Verano sired four children with the woman while he was out of the country for several years.

Verano had earlier denied having any romantic relationship with the woman. However, they may suffer imprisonment ranging from two years to four months and one day to eight years should they be found guilty of the charges.

A member of an organization reportedly has issued an affidavit in favor of the complainant to the effect that Verano indeed had an affair with the complainant’s wife and is the father of the four children. Salva Me Pater Omnis Oculos Meus, which if translated to English, means “ Father Save us from all our offenses” came to prominence January last year after about 150 residents of barangay Buhisan filed a petition demanding that the cult be removed from the area as it allegedly engaged into illegal treasure hunting activities while its leader allegedly treats its female members as sex slaves.

At the height of the controversy last year, the Department of Social Welfare and Development took custody of about 20 children who lived with the Salva Me after it found out that the children lacked nutrition and proper hygiene.

The religious cult started in Banawa after Daddy Divine founded it in 1994 and they moved on to sitio Nazareth in barangay Buhisan in 1998.

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