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Pakistani Men Arrested for Same-Sex Acts

Huriyah, Summer 2003
LGBT Online Magazine

In Lahore, Pakistan, the second largest city in the country with more than eight million residents, three men were arrested last night at a party after they were caught having sex with each other. According to JS Omar, the managing editor of HURIYAH magazine, who reports the story, the men were reported to the police by one of the menís relative. The story changes between a male and female relative, says Omar.

The story was reported to Omar, who has been in Pakistan for the past month, by one of the guests at the party. The police have so far denied the allegations but Omar was able to track down two people from the party who confirmed the story.

So far, we know two of the men are Muslim and one is Hindu. Pakistan has a population that is more than 95% Muslim. While homosexuality is illegal in Pakistan, the country rarely ever makes such moves perhaps because the homosexual activity is underground. Section 377 Penal Code criminalizes homosexuality in Pakistan. This law punishes homosexuals from 2 years prison up to life.

And in 1990, Islamic law (Shariah) was re-introduced in Pakistan. This law in Pakistan calls for the punishment of homosexuals by 100 lashes or stoning them to death, depending on whether the person is married or no. The age of consent in Pakistan is 21.

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