Last edited: July 10, 2005

Nigerian Man Sentenced to Stoning for Gay Sex

Reuters, July 9, 2005

A United Nations human rights expert has raised the alarm over the case of a man in northern Nigeria who has been sentenced to death by stoning after admitting to homosexual sex.

The UN special rapporteur on arbitrary executions, Philip Alston, has called for an immediate review of the entire process that led the manís death sentence under Islamic Sharia law.

Mr Alston says the man, who is about 50-years-old, had been accused of having sex with a much younger man.

He was acquitted of that charge.

But after the judge asked him if he had previously had homosexual sex, the man said yes.

The judge then sentenced him to be stoned to death.

Ten Nigerian women have been sentenced to death by stoning for having sex outside of wedlock since Sharia was brought in; all created outcries and were overturned on appeal.

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