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Fears of Stoning and Violence, as Sharia Court Issues Warrant for Gay Man U.K., November 29, 2004

By Ben Townley

A Sharia court in Nigeria has issued an arrest warrant for a man, who, if caught, could face stoning to death for having a gay relationship.

The Islamic hardline court, which has been faced with international controversy before for its stance on adultery and women’s rights, is based in Keffi and, according to Nigerian press reports, is looking to arrest the man after his partner “confessed”.

However, the wanted man managed to escape before he could be arrested.

Both are being charged with the “unholy” act of being gay, although the trial has been postponed for both men, until the fleeing man is caught.

The news comes as gay refugees and their plight are beginning to garner more recognition here.

Earlier this month, the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group held a fundraiser in a bid to increase awareness and cash to help lesbian and gay people fleeing countries that view gay sex as illegal.

The event was attended by an Ugandan refugee, who had fled her country after being raped and tortured by local police for being a lesbian.

She had her case rejected six times by the UK Government, before they agreed to give her refugee status earlier this year.

Additionally, Outrage have begun a campaign to get an Algerian gay refugee protection in the UK.

Campaigner Peter Tatchell has written to the Home Office calling for Ramzi Isalam to be given full refugee status in the UK, after his friends were murdered because of their sexuality.

Sharia courts are based on tough Islamic infused law, and dole out the death by stoning penalty for what are viewed as serious crimes that are often linked to sexuality and “morality”.

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