Last edited: February 13, 2005

Namibian Gay Rights Groups Challenge Nujoma

BBC News, March 21, 2001

A group campaigning for homosexual equality in Namibia has challenged President Sam Nujoma to clarify remarks he made about gays earlier in the week.

In a statement, a spokesman for the Rainbow Project coalition, Ian Swartz, demanded to know which of the country’s laws allowed gays and lesbians to be prosecuted.

On Monday, in a speech at the University of Namibia, Mr Nujoma was reported to have said that homosexuals should be arrested, imprisoned or deported.

Mr Swartz asked whether special arrangements had been made with the prison authorities to accommodate what he said would be a large influx of prisoners if police acted on the remarks.

Several leading figures in the governing South West Africa People’s Organisation of Namibia have, in the past few years, strongly criticised homosexuality.

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