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Homosexuals ‘To Be Barred from Entering Namibia’

The Namibian, April 6, 2001
Windhoek, Namibia

By Christof Maletsky

President Sam Nujoma yesterday said Government would immediately deport homosexuals who try to enter the country through Hosea Kutako International Airport.

Speaking at the opening of an Agricultural Development Centre at Erwee in the Kunene region, Nujoma expressed his disgust at the recent weddings of gay and lesbian couples in the Netherlands.

He said such people would be barred from entering Namibia.

"If they arrive at the Hosea Kutako Airport, we’ll send them back with the same aircraft—if they are couples or found to be homosexuals. Definitely it’s against God’s will. It is the devil at work," he said.

He said he had seen footage of gay marriages in the Netherlands on television and even held up a copy of The Namibian showing a photograph of two men kissing each other at the wedding ceremony in Amsterdam, where same-sex matrimony is recognised.

"How can a man marry a man or a woman marry a woman?" he exclaimed to the community gathered for the opening.

"Only four days ago I was watching TV and I saw something funny, something strange in the Netherlands," he said referring to the same-sex weddings. People involved in such sexual activities," Nujoma said, "made holes like a woman and women made plastic things".

He maintained that "the Constitution is being misinterpreted by colonialists who are confused. They are using the Constitution to protect homosexuals and lesbians in an irresponsible way."

"In Namibia we don’t allow lesbianism or homosexuality. They must keep it in Europe. Which god is responsible for these homosexuals? Is it the god of the Africans or the god of the Europeans?"

Nujoma claimed that priests were being used to approve gay marriages in the same way that missionaries had previously been used by imperialists to advance the colonial cause and steal land from the people."

"We will combat this with vigour—we will make sure that Namibia will get rid of lesbianism and homosexuality," he emphasised. He told the gathering they must tell their children "to give up the idea of homosexuality and lesbianism".

Minister of Agriculture Helmut Angula, who was the master of ceremonies at the event, backed Nujoma saying that homosexuality and alcoholism were "evils that were befalling the country".

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