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Minister Tells Police to ‘Eliminate’ Gays

Johannesburg Daily Mail & Guardian, October 2, 2000
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WINDHOEKNamibia’s controversial home affairs minister Jerry Ekandjo has launched an astonishing attack on gays and lesbians in his country, urging a group of new police constables to "eliminate them from the face of Namibia."

Ekandjo told 700 newly graduated policemen and women at the police training college at Ondangwa, in the far north of Namibia, that Namibia’s "constitution does not guarantee rights for gays and lesbians."

"We must make sure we eliminate them (gays and lesbians) from the face of Namibia," he said.

He urged police graduates to combat homosexuality and all other "unnatural acts including murder."

"Even if gays and lesbians had a gay dog they would murder it," he added.

The Rainbow Project, an organisation promoting gay and lesbian rights in Namibia, called on the government "to publicly reject" Ekandjo’s remarks.

In a statement the organisation said gays and lesbians were protected by the constitution’s commitment to the "inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family."

Ekandjo previously made headlines in August when he said he would withdraw the work permits of foreign judges who made judgments that were perceived as against government policy.

He was later forced to back down and issue an apology.

Namibia’s President Sam Nujoma has previously criticised gays and lesbians, calling them "unnatural," echoing the stance of his close ally, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

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