Last edited: February 05, 2005

‘Murder Music’ Star Jailed UK, February 4, 2005

Sizzla, the Jamaican reggae star accused of promoting violence against gay people, has been jailed in his home country.

The star, the subject of much controversy in the UK, Europe and North America because of his apparently anti-gay lyrics, was given a two week sentence earlier this week.

He was imprisoned because of swearing on stage, according to the Reuters news agency, under a law which also prohibits indecent dress or expression.

Despite a campaign against him, Sizzla had managed to avoid prosecution in the UK over his lyrics, which were criticised for seemingly advocating violence towards lesbians and gay men.

In one song, he calls for gay men to be shot.

The ‘murder music’ campaign has targeted him for the past 2 years, and resulted in a UK tour being cancelled, the threat of prosecution from British Police and the planned withdrawal of the offending records from record stores in Brighton.

He will now serve 15 days for the charges.

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