Last edited: July 11, 2004

Caribbean Catholics Protest Pro-Gay Proposal

The Advocate, December 20, 2001

Roman Catholic bishops in the Caribbean have protested against recommendations that Jamaica decriminalize homosexual acts, calling such behavior immoral, the country’s main newspaper reported on Tuesday. "There is an obvious consistency in Old and New Testament salvation history about the moral unacceptability of homosexual relations," according to a statement by the Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference, quoted in part by the Jamaica Gleaner. The bishops spoke out after a government-appointed committee on rights reform recommended last week that homosexual acts in private between consenting adults be decriminalized. Homosexuality is illegal in Jamaica and frowned upon by many people in the island nations of the English-speaking Caribbean. The United Kingdom, the former colonial ruler of many of the islands, has been urging governments to liberalize antigay laws.

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