Last edited: June 12, 2004

Obituary for the Distinguished Anglo-Irish Journalist Mary Holland

Dear all,

UK readers may have noticed the obituaries for the distinguished Anglo-Irish journalist Mary Holland; for everyone else, more on this remarkable woman can be found here:,3604,1234393,00.html

What is not mentioned in the obituary in that she was a key ally of the Irish Gay and Lesbian Equality Network in their campaign to decriminalise male homosexuality in Ireland; this campaign was ultimately successful in 1993. She gave this support mostly through her column in the Irish Times, and has variously been described as “indomitable”, “invaluable” and “unflinching” in doing so. She was a true friend of our communities, and while I never had the privilege of meeting her in person, I know that friends who back then masterminded the campaign will sorely miss her and mourn her passing.

-From a Reader

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