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Help an Iranian Gay in Pakistan

IRanian Queer Organization, April 22, 2007

Dear Friends,

Please read the following letter and send it to UNHCR office in Pakistan. He is facing many problems in Pakistan; IRQO, Human Rights Watch and International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission have also sent support letters regarding his case last year. But even after his reorganization, he has been waiting again, with no respond from UNHCR.

You can read Sam’s story here: 


UNHCR email address: pakis at unhcr dot org

send your email and cc it to: info at irqo dot net


To: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Pakistan, Islamabad

Subject: UNHCR case number 622-05C00372


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of an Iranian gay refugee in Pakistan with case number 622-05C00372 who escaped Iran and flee to Pakistan. For security reasons we’ll call him Sam in this letter. Sam has been staying in Pakistan close to 22 months. He has been recognized as a refugee 14 months ago, but unfortunately UNHCR hasn’t sent him to a safe country yet. As you know Pakistan is a homophobic country and execution is the punishment for being gay in that country. Sam is one of many Iranian queers who’ve been lashed because of their sexual orientation. He escaped Iran to protect his life. Sam is fearful for his safety in Pakistan and he is dealing with traumas.

I’d like to ask you to give him your support as an urgent case and send him to a country which is considered safe for homosexuals. It will be great if you introduce him to Canadian Embassy because IRanian Queer Organization is based in Canada (formerly Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization) and they can support and help him there.



IRanian Queer Organization – IRQO
Formerly Persian Gay & Lesbian Organization – PGLO
info at irqo dot net

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