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Russian Gay Leaders Appeal to Vladimir Putin to Stop Diplomatic and Trade Relations with Iran Due to Gay Executions

GayRussia.Ru, July 23, 2005

Russian gay leaders sent on Saturday 23 July a letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin asking him to condemn executions of teenage gays in Iran on 19th July 2005. In their letter signed by Head of GayRussia.Ru Nikolai Alekseev, Head of Gayly.Ru Valeri Kamov, lesbian leader Evgeniaya Debryanskaya and journalist Nikolai Baev, they asked the Russian President to use all the possible diplomatic ways of pressure in order to stop criminal prosecutions for homosexuality in Iran. They asked V. Putin to stop diplomatic and trade relations with the barbarian regime of Islamic extremists. Russia is still one of the biggest economic partners of Iran and has a lot of ways to pressure the regime.

Russian gay leaders also send a letter to the Ambassador of Iran in Russia asking him to take measures so that such executions do not repeat anymore as the right to life is universal and is guaranteed to all human beings.

The letter to the Russian President V. Putin in full:

22 July 2005

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

We would like to pay your attention to the event that happened in the Islamic Republic of Iran on 19 July 2005, the execution via hanging of two young boys for the only fact of entering into homosexual relations. One of the boys was 18 while the other even did not reach that age.

Projects GayRussia.Ru and Gayly.Ru join the international condemnation of this barbarian act and ask you to use all the pressure with the aim to stop executions and criminal prosecutions of the persons of homosexual orientation in Iran. Homosexual relations are not a crime in the developed democratic countries, moreover more countries pass laws legalizing same-sex marriages and unions.

International gay community is outraged and appeals to the authorities of all democratic states to stop diplomatic and trade relations with the regime that executes guilty people, including children. We address the same request to you. Russian Federation can not close the eyes to the middle aged barbarity and huge human rights violations.

We hope for your understanding and assistance!

Faithfully yours,

N. Alekseev
Head GayRussia.Ru

V. Kamov
Head Gayly.Ru

E. Debryanskaya
Leader of the Russian lesbian movement

N. Baev

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