Last edited: December 20, 2004

Lesbians Defy Indian Law UK, December 20, 2004

The parents of two young women in the state of Punjab have reacted furiously following the couple’s determination to live together as a couple.

Known only as Raju and Mala, the former’s mother is quoted as saying: “It is humiliating for us and for humanity. We only wish they are joking.” Raju’s father, Tarsem Singh has called for their arrest.

The police however have said that it is not an issue in which they can get involved as there is no law in India that states that two women living together is a crime.

The two women want their marriage registered and are petitioning the government to change the law on same-sex marriages.

Raju’s mother was quoted by Calcutta’s Telegraph newspaper as saying: “We had no idea that the two were up to other things than being just good friends. They were always seen together.

“We used to laugh when they used to say they would get married to each other. Now we know why Raju shunned the proposals that used to come for her. Mala’s parents, too, hold similar views.”

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