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Male Prostitution Trial Begins in Athens U.K., October 16, 2001

SUMMARY: Seven men are in court in Athens, accused of having sex with other men for money.

Seven men are in court in Athens, accused of having sex with other men for money.

The Greek Penal Code does not criminalize homosexual acts, for financial gain or otherwise, between women; and prostitution involving heterosexual acts is not criminalized, as long as the prostitute has fulfilled legal procedures before starting to work. It is illegal, however, for men to have sex with other men for money.

If found guilty, the men face between three months and five years in prison. Three of the men have in addition been charged with various drug-related offenses.

Amnesty International has written to the Greek Minister of Justice, Professor Mihailis Stathopoulos, to express its concern about discrimination against homosexual men under the country's penal code.

"We urge the Greek government to drop all charges under Article 347 brought against the above men who are all over the age of consent," Amnesty International said.

"All people have the fundamental right not to be discriminated against on the basis of sex, which includes sexual orientation. Men are discriminated against under Greek legislation, because in certain circumstances homosexual acts between men are criminalized, while those between women are not.

"We call on the Greek government to review the Penal Code to ensure that discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual orientation, is prevented."

Amnesty International said men are discriminated against because the age of consent for heterosexual acts is 15 years while that for homosexual acts is 17 years. Amnesty International, while taking no position on an appropriate universal age of consent, opposes laws which place a higher age of consent for sexual activity between people of the same sex.

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