Last edited: April 16, 2005

Commission to Review Gay Laws

Fiji Times, February 11, 2005

LAWS governing homosexual conduct in Fiji will be looked at as part of reviews of the Penal Code this year.

Chairman of the Fiji Law Reform Commission, Alipate Qetaki, said the law could either be changed or retained.

The Penal Code outlaws sodomy, both in private and public places and if caught, men face a five-year jail term.

However, the 1997 Constitution guarantees the rights of people of all sexual orientation, including gays.

“The Fiji Law Reform Commission will be reviewing the Penal Code (Cap 16) this year,” he said.

“One of its task is to consider the present laws governing homosexual conduct in Fiji and the need to change or retain the same.”

He said the review has yet to start.

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