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Tourism Dollar

Fiji Times, April 13, 2005

I wonder if the magistrate overseeing Mr McCoskar’s case considered the message he might be sending to all other visitors to Fiji when he said: “If you wanted to have fun you should have stayed in Australia...”

He obviously doesn’t appreciate the value of the (pink) tourist dollar in his own country.

I’m not suggesting that Mr McCoskar’s behaviour was appropriate.

I just object to the magistrate’s manner and language used to describe his opinion of the activities engaged by the two men.

People committing acts of violence or murder against other living creatures are far more disgusting than any act of love or passion between two men.

Besides, if we were all breeding, just imagine how over-populated this God-forsaken planet would already be.

If there was as much concern about the damage we are all doing to the environment as there is about people’s love-lives, maybe we could be worrying less about the kind of world our future generations will be trying to survive in. When was the last time a person went to jail for littering or killing a native animal?

When was the last time a company was fined for similar activities?

Where are the priorities?

If you want the tourists to continue to come, you need to make us feel that we will be safe, treated with respect (regardless of personal beliefs).

We should also be free to enjoy holidaying in a clean, beautiful and hospitable environment inhabited by warm, friendly citizens, rather than the bigoted and aggressive people we are seeing in our news reports in recent years.

Robb Crawford

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