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Egypt Court Jails Five Men in "Gay" Trial

Reuters, March 11, 2002

CAIRO (Reuters)—An Egyptian court sentenced five men to three years in jail on Monday on charges of "practising sexual immorality," a local euphemism for homosexuality, security sources said.

The court said the prison term for each of the men, who were arrested in Cairo in January, would be followed by three years probation.

A police source said the men had also been accused of wearing women’s clothes and make-up.

Human rights groups have criticised Egypt for its treatment of homosexuals after an emergency state security court sentenced 23 men to jail terms of one to five years last year on sexual immorality charges. Another 29 men were acquitted.

New York-based Human Rights Watch called that trial a "miscarriage of justice" after the men were convicted in a state security court under emergency laws.

International rights groups have called on Egypt to release anyone imprisoned solely on the basis of sexual orientation.

Egypt has dismissed criticism of the case, saying the West should not impose its values on Egypt.

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