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Egypt: Man Sent to Prison for Being Gay U.K., February 12, 2002

A man in Egypt has been sentenced to three years in prison, convicted of "immoral practices" for putting an advert on the internet soliciting gay sex, according to local press reports.

A court in Cairo sentenced computer engineer Zaky Sayed Zaky Abdel Malik to three years in prison followed by three years’ probation for "promoting immorality."

It is claimed that the police monitored Malik’s site, which he used to make contact with men for sex, for several months before arresting him.

Earlier this year a number of men were arrested on a raid in Egypt for "immoral practices". They are being held awaiting a trial date.

In November last year a state-security court imposed sentences ranging from one to five years on 23 young men charged with immorality and disrespect for religion. They were part of a group of 52 men who were arrested in a raid on a river boat in Cairo.

Human rights groups around the globe, including Human Rights Watch, have condemned Egypt for their actions. Human rights groups within Egypt, however, are too frightened to speak out in support of the gay community for fear of losing what little human rights exist in the country.

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