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Members of Congress Announce their Solidarity and Allude to Aid

Homosexuals Around the World Unite to Support Lot’s People in Egypt!

Al-Hayat, August 15, 2001 AD; 15-05-1422 AH
Source: Issue 14031; page 1
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Writer: Hazim Muhammad

Homosexuals raised the slogan "Deviants of the World Unite!" in solidarity with their likes accused in the "Lot’s People" case. When the Egyptian government referred the 52 accused for trial it did not expect that allusions would be made to the sequestering of American aid in protest against the suppression of human rights and persecution of deviants.

Today the members of 60 male and female homosexual organizations in 15 countries are organizing a boycott and activities to announce their mourning and their solidarity with their Egyptian colleagues, whose trial resumes as scheduled.

This may be the first time that homosexuals raise the slogan of world unity, following a call by a certain Faisal Alam, who heads a so-called grouping under the name of The Association of Muslim Homosexuals in the United States, in which he summoned his likes around the world to show solidarity with their fellow deviants in Egypt.

Explaining the reason for the call, Alam said that government attacks on deviants were nothing new but that an international protest of this type was nothing new [sic]. He also criticized the feebleness of international pressure on governments that persecute deviants, while mentioning at the same time that "the campaign in the US congress in solidarity with us is a good beginning."

In a quick response homosexual organizations declared today, August 15, a day of protest and mourning and organized activities in solidarity on four continents, in Berlin, Canberra, Geneva, Kampala, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Atlanta, Vancouver and Washington. In Washington, the display of solidarity did not stop with homosexuals, but spread into political circles and among congressmen, led by Barry Frank of Massachusetts, a homosexual, along with Tom Lants, well-known for his participation in any anti-Egyptian campaign. These two have collected 35 signatures from their fellow members of congress on a letter sent to President Hosni Mubarak.

In a surprise move, the congress members alluded to American aid to Egypt when they opened their letter by saying: Being strong supporters of aid to Egypt, we protest the trial of the homosexuals, and believe that bringing charges against men for practicing consensual sex with adults of the same sex is indefensible and inexplicable.

Curiously, the members of Congress explain the connection between their protest and the allusion to a sequestering of aid by reference to the fact that aid is taken from American taxpayers’ money and that a not insignificant part of it is supplied by homosexuals! This aid is approved by members of Congress who support the right of deviants to life [sic] and reject any practices or discrimination directed against them.

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