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News from CairoóFrom Wissam Abyadís Partner

From, Wissamís partner.

Today, the 16th of March, 2003, marks the 2nd month Wissam has spent in Jail. He was entrapped on the 16th of January, and lost his appeal on the 17 of Feb.

Amnesty International has declared Wissam a prisoner of conscience, and has included him in a press release on the situation in Egypt. He is now being posted on several sites around the world asking for world support for his case.

His story has begun to surface in the international press as well:

The Lebanese Association for Personal Rights has worked with the Lebanese media to release his story in Lebanon also. It has been printed this morning in El-Nahar daily.

We are still trying to press for a letter from other US congressmen besides Barney Frank, such as Jerrold Nadlerís office. One may come this week.

Today the Lebanese Embassy informed Wissamís mother and friend that they will check on him in jail to ensure the conditions he is being kept in, and see what they can do to assist him.

Please continue to spread the news and Support Wissam Abyad!

To keep up-to-date on Wissamís case, join the Support Wissam Abyad e-list by sending a blank message to

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