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Al-Fatiha Condemns Latest Egyptian Convictions—Calls for International Action

Al-Fatiha, March 13, 2002
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Al-Fatiha, an international organization dedicated to Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexul, and transgendered (LGBT) condemned the latest round of convictions against 5 men in Egypt today and called for international action against the government of Egypt.

On Monday, March 11th, five Egyptian men were sentenced to three years in prison with hard labor for “practicing sexual immorality,” a local euphemism for homosexuality, according to Reuters’ news sources (see Reuters story below).

Al-Fatiha joined human rights organizations around the world in demanding the immediate and unconditional release of all men in Egypt who have been convicted because of their alleged sexual orientation.

Al-Fatiha also announced plans today to spearhead another round of international actions to bring to light the human rights abuses in Egypt. The exact date and nature of the actions has not been decided.

“The world is watching the actions of the government of Egypt,” said Faisal Alam, founder & director of Al-Fatiha. “And people of consience who do not perceive human rights as a western phenomenon will keep pushing on until all the men who have been arrested thus far are released.”

Al-Fatiha successfully organized more than a dozen protests and demonstrations around the world in collaboration with LGBT organizations, human rights groups, and other allied institutions, on August 15th to protest the ‘Cairo 52’ case.

Al-Fatiha released the following statement today following the news of the convictions:

The Egyptian government continues its systematic crackdown on the gay community of Egypt, despite international outcry from world leaders, religious groups, civic institutions, and human rights organizations.

Al-Fatiha calls on the international community to express its anger over the ongoing arrests, detentions, torture, and convictions of men in Egypt who are being targeted solely because of their alleged sexual orientation.

The Egyptian government must understand that every one deserves a fair and unbiased trial. The Egyptian State and Security Court in which these men are being tried is a violation of international human rights laws.

European governments including the President and Parliament of France, the Parliament of Germany, and the Parliament of Europe have spoken out against the systematic crackdown in Egypt. But the government of the United States continues to befriend Egypt and its leaders, by granting more than $1 billion US dollars in foreign aid every year and by failing to chastise Egypt over its blatant abuse of human rights.

Human rights in Egypt must be guaranteed to every one, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, gender, or political ideology.

Egypt has been the center of Islamic intellectual learning and discourse for centuries. It is extremely sad that today it has come to a place in history where it is known for its abuse of human rights and its arrogance towards international outcry.

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