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Lebanese Embassy Gets Involved with Wissam Abyadís Case

UPDATE: Lebanese Embassy Involvement with Wissam

March 18, 2003
Cairo, Egypt

This week, the Lebanese Embassy in Cairo was visited by Wissamís mother and a friend of his in order to explain carefully the situation Wissam is facing in jail and to ask for their assistance in his case. We are pleased to report that the Second Secretary of the Lebanese Embassy of Cairo has shown great interest and compassion in working to help Wissam with his case.

It appears that he has not received anything formal from the Egyptian Authorities to inform the Embassy that a Lebanese citizen was arrested and sentenced, and the phone calls to the Embassy in Cairo and Consulate in Alexandria made by his mother and friends were not passed on to him. Upon looking in Wissamís file, he explained that the Embassy expected a phone call from Wissamís lawyer to explain the situation in detail, as the individual who took the first call in January understood that this was a drug- related arrest, not the actual situation.

Now that they are very clear on the situation, through the conversations this week by his mother and friend, and via the case documents provided by Wissamís lawyer, they are working hard to find out all they can and assist Wissam (and the other Lebanese citizen in jail under similar charges).

The Second Secretary of the Lebanese Embassy went to visit them in jail this morning, and is very concerned with their well-being and their situation.

The Friends and Supporters of Wissam Abyad thank the Embassy of Lebanon in Cairo for their support and work to ensure Wissamís well- being and the best results of his case. If you are Lebanese, be proud of your countrymen for their support for one another.

[Source: Al-Fatiha Foundation. This may have been just passed on by Al-Fatiha without attribution. -Bob]

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