Last edited: October 26, 2003

Egypt Continues Persecution of Gay Men UK, September 25, 2003

Egypt’s police force have arrested more gay men, it has emerged, in a crackdown reminiscent of the Queenboat scandal in 2001.

The police arrested 62 men on August 28th at a popular cruising spot in a gay area.

They swept across Qasr-el-Nil bridge across the Nile and arrested any men found, charging them with debauchery.

According to reports that have since leaked out, the police then dragged the men to the police wagons, before shouting to onlookers “Look at the faggots! The country’s become full of faggots!”.

At the police station, the men were forced to sign confessions of their crimes, and were only released 3 days after their arrests on provision of a guarantee of address.

The arrests have been kept secret from the press, following the international scandal caused by the arrest of 52 gay men on the Queenboat.

This caused controversy throughout the international community, with human rights groups such as Amnesty International calling for their immediate release.

Despite being a taboo subject, homosexuality is not specifically illegal in Egyptian law.

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