Last edited: February 14, 2005

Court Acquits 11 Men in Gay Trial

Associated Press, July 20, 2003

CAIRO, Egypt—An appeals court acquitted 11 men of charges of debauchery linked to homosexual activity, one of their lawyers said Sunday.

As his three-member panel issued its ruling Saturday, lawyer Helmi al-Rawi said Judge Mo’azer El-Marsafy told the defendants: “We are so disgusted with you, we can’t even look at you. What you did is a major sin, but unfortunately the case has procedural errors and the court had to acquit all of you.”

The 11 had been convicted in April and sentenced to up to three years in prison in one of several such cases that have drawn accusations of anti-gay bias in Egypt from international human rights groups. The defendants appealed in May.

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