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Gay Israeli Arrested in Egypt U.K., June 26, 2003

An Israeli tourist was arrested in Egypt a few days ago. The 31 year-old man, from Jerusalem, has already been held for several days under intensive interrogation by the authorities in prison in Cairo.

According to the information that GME News passed to, the man was arrested after trying to invite people that he wanted to have sex with to a party that he was about to host.

GME News spoke to Israel Tikochenski, spokesman of the Israeli embassy in Egypt, who told them: “I can confirm that an Israeli man was arrested in Egypt but I can’t give you any more information about it right now.”

The spokesperson has made guarantees that the Israeli embassy is doing all in it’s power to help the person. There are no more details at the current time. called the Egyptian Embassy in London. A spokesman, who wouldn’t give us his name said: “We know nothing about this. I suggest you call the Israeli embassy.”

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