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Egypt to Retry ‘Cairo 52’—Al-Fatiha Calls Move Shameful

Al-Fatiha, June 25, 2002
Press Release

Faisal Alam
Founder & Director
US Cell: 202-271-0067

As the Egyptian government announced plans to retry 50 of the ‘Cairo 52’ this week, Al-Fatiha called on the Egyptian government to end its shameful acts of discrimination against men in Egypt perceived to be gay.

The ‘Cairo 52’ were arrested and tried last year where 21 men were convicted and sentenced to 3 to 5 years in jail with hard labor. 29 men were acquitted and later released. Under the current ruling all the men, both guilty and acquitted will be retried, except for 2 men who are considered to be the ‘ring leaders.’

Al-Fatiha calls on the Egyptian government to release all those imprisoned because of their presumed sexual orientation and to stop the crackdown of gay men in Egypt. In recent weeks another round of arrests have occurred with police entrapping men via the internet., an international web portal for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people has hosted an Egyptian chat room. It is not clear whether will shut down the Egyptian chat room or not., a web site dedicated to gay Egyptians has called on to keep the chat room open as an expression of freedom of speech.

On May 19, a young man aged 19 was arrested for allegedly arranging a meeting with someone from the internet. On June 8, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison.

Al-Fatiha also called on the Egyptian government today to abide by all international human rights laws that it is a party to. Egyptian officials have repeatedly said that they are not violating international human rights laws and they are not entrapping gay men.

"The Egyptian government and Egyptian police must treat all of its citizens with human dignity and respect," said Faisal Alam, founder & director of Al-Fatiha. He added by saying that, "Al-Fatiha will continue to monitor the situation in Egypt and urge Egypt to guarantee the human rights for sexual minorities living in Egypt."

Al-Fatiha is an international organization dedicated to Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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