Last edited: January 05, 2005

New Stories of Torture and Brutality

“Damanhour Five” Tell of Beatings and Electroshock While Mubarak Visits U.S.

IGLHRC, March 7, 2002


On March 4, 2002, five men accused of homosexual conduct faced a judge in Damanhour, Egypt. They were able to tell attendees at the trial chilling stories of beatings and electroshock torture inflicted on them over almost two months of captivity.

On the same day, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met with U.S. officials, including President Bush, during a visit to the United States. His hosts lauded him while steadily remaining silent about Egypt’s persecution of suspected homosexuals.

The trial in Damanhour resumes on March 11. Read the stories of brutality below (in the “Background” section). Write to President Mubarak, and to US and European officials. Demand that Egypt stop the repression and free the “Damanhour five.” Call on Egypt’s powerful allies to speak out.

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