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Treason Against Civilization

Gay City News, February 19, 2003
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To The Editor:

To ask the question, “Sleeping With The Enemy?” (by Michael Luongo, Gay City News, February 14-20) in regards to a totalitarian regime is an act of surprising innocence. It would be like asking in Hitler’s Germany about the Degenerate Art.

Luongo writes, “I even found the contradictions at institutions run by the government. The explicitly homoerotic art in the Fine Arts Museum was unexpected. A drawing by Luis Peńaluer on the second floor shows two men having sex while a woman jumps over them. The mood is very Basic Instinct and a knife lies under them. A painting of a Cuba versus the U.S. boxing match depicts the American down on the ground, his head just at the crotch of the Cuban, as if performing oral sex. There’s also a multi-media work by a group of artists called Los Carpinteros with peek-a-boo openings showing wood carvers casually working in the nude, their penises just inches from each other’s mouths.”

Yet, no matter how many changes the Castro regime might seem to go through, it is a totalitarian regime, because the government controls everything… Even foreign investor movements, even the journalists movement. An Argentine journalist was recently expelled from Cuba.

The presence of a Westerner in any anti-Western country such as Cuba, Iraq, North Korea, etc., in fact lends a kind of moral support to the regime that is against the principles of the West––freedom, capitalism, progress. All those things are what every human being has the right to access. Therefore “Sleeping with the Enemy” is, after all, an act of treason. Treason to the principle of our civilization, a civilization that gave us the right to fight for what we are, not to surrender our desires but with dignity share them with our equals.

To take advantage of gays in need in Cuba, of their inferior conditions of living, is as decadent and reproachable as the Castro regime itself. Because it fulfills the minds of Cuba the underlay premise of communist ideology that the West will surrender to morally superior truth.

Fidel Torres
Glendale, California

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