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MPs Studying Solicitation Laws Seek Input

Xtra, March 7, 2005
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Sick of the bawdyhouse laws? Tired of reading about bathhouse raids? Angry about police still targeting consensual gay sex 35 years after Pierre Trudeau suggested that the state get out of the bedrooms of the nation? There is something concrete you can do.

The Canadian Parliamentary subcommittee on solicitation laws is launching a cross-country tour Mar 15, with an appearance in Toronto. Itís an opportunity for gays and lesbians to tell Parliament to get rid of the bawdyhouse laws used against our community.

The first leg of the national tour: Mar 15 in Toronto, Mar 16 in Montreal and Mar 17 in Halifax. Part two of the tour kicks off Mar 29 & 30 in Vancouver, Mar 31 in Edmonton and Apr 1 in Winnipeg.

Vancouver NDP MP Libby Davies was surprised when nobody from the gay and lesbian community appeared before the committee in Ottawa for the first part of its fact-finding mission. She was expecting activist organizations and individual gays and lesbians to demand the removal of the bawdyhouse laws.

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