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Alberta Premier, Anti-Catholic Groups Criticize Bishop Henry and Cardinal Ambrozic

Bishop Henry responds, “what the government has to do is uphold public morality” (Fundamentalist Christian), January 21, 2005

CALGARY—The Premier of Alberta, Ralph Klein, told the Calgary Herald that he disagrees with Bishop Fred Henry’s likening of homosexuality to pornography and prostitution and hopes the comments do not result in a “new wave of hatred towards gays.”

Bishop Henry dismissed accusations of “hate,” however, saying that everything he said came straight out of the Catholic catechism. He told the Western Catholic Reporter, (WCR), “There is nothing in what I have said that is hateful. I’m simply teaching the faith of the Catholic Church.” He added, “That’s just an attempt to demonize me and to silence me and all the threats in the world are not going to do that.”

Far from backing away from his responsibility to teach the truth, Bishop Henry said that he is not going to change a word of what he said in his original pastoral letter. “Fundamentally what the government has to do is uphold public morality and it shouldn’t be bashful in terms of doing so.”

Meanwhile, the anti-Catholic, pro-abortion organization, “Catholics for a Free Choice,” has issued a press release predictably defying the Catholic Church’s opposition to granting marriage rights to homosexual partnerings. CFFC Canada’s spokesman, Kathleen Howes condemned Toronto’s Cardinal Ambrozic for his letter to Paul Martin urging the Prime Minster to introduce a bill defending traditional marriage.

Similarly, the Toronto-based group, Challenge the Church, said that Cardinal Ambrozic is “fear mongering,” by warning that changing the definition of marriage would create a social atmosphere of consent to homosexuality. This same group attempted to exploit the Pope’s 2002 visit to Toronto to claim that young Catholics favoured their dissent. They were humiliated when Canadian media far outnumbered Catholic youth at their events and those youth who did attend chastised them for their disloyalty to the Pope and Church teachings.

Bishop Henry told WCR that government has a responsibility to suppress homosexuality and other behaviours which would be a danger to the family. “There is no question that homosexual people must be treated with respect, with compassion and sensitivity and unjust discrimination should be avoided at all costs. But nonetheless there is the truth that homosexual acts are acts of great depravity and we would be doing violence to people if we hid the truth from them,” he said.

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