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Jail Homosexuals Canadian Politician Says, November 27, 2003

By Ben Thompson, Newscenter, Ottawa Bureau

Ottawa—A leading member of Canada’s official opposition was fired as his party’s critic for family affairs Thursday after calling for the abolition of gay rights, claiming they are the result of a conspiracy that began in the 1960s involving the “seduction and indoctrination” of young boys.

Larry Spencer, the Canadian Alliance Party’s critic for family issues, in an interview with the Vancouver Sun said gay activists embarked on a “well-orchestrated” campaign to “convert” young boys in school playgrounds and locker rooms to homosexuality and to “deliberately infiltrate the North America’s judiciary, schools, religious community and the entertainment industry.

Spencer, a former Baptist minister who was born in the US, is the Member of Parliament for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Center, in Saskatchewan.

He told the paper in its Thursday edition that homosexuality should be put back in the criminal code and gays should be imprisoned.

“If somebody brought a bill in the House to do that I’d certainly vote for it. Yeah, I’d like to see that be the case,” he told the Sun.

“It’s not that I would want spies in everybody’s bedroom or anybody following anybody. I just wish that there was some way that society could stand up and say, ‘this is not right.’”

But, Spencer said he doubted Parliament has enough courage to reimpose the sodomy laws, repealed in 1969.

He said he bases his conspiracy theory on a speech by a U.S. gay rights activist in the ‘60s, but when pressed he said he could not recall the person’s name.

“His quote went something like this ... ‘We will seduce your sons in the locker rooms, in the gymnasiums, in the hallways, in the playgrounds, and on and on, in this land.’ It was quite a long quote stating what was going to happen to the young boys of North America.”

Spencer said the plot involved gays entering the ministry of various churches and the infiltration North America’s schools and teaching colleges.

“The activists that organized in those days [encouraged] people of their persuasion to enter into educational fields, and to do this with the feeling of a mission, you know, of going out there as pioneers in a—quote— human rights area, and I think they were successful, as we’ve seen,” he told the Sun.

Spencer said the next thing will be strong pushes to legalize polygamy and pedophilia. “Polygamy is next on the list. More than one [spouse] ... We’ll see that within the next very, very few years. Pedophilia is being pursued as we speak ... Some will say down to an eight-year-old, they think it’s OK.”

“It’s shocking that these views still exist and that they would be espoused by a supposedly educated public official,” Gilles Marcheldon, the executive director of Canadian LGBT rights group Egale told

Alliance Leader Stephen Harper wasted no time in firing Spencer as family issues critic and asking him to temporarily resign from caucus.

Harper said Spencer’s remarks on homosexuality were totally unacceptable and do not reflect the party’s stance on gays.

The right wing party has struggled with extremists in its membership since its founding. The party is also in the midst of a merger with the more moderate Conservatives in an effort to unite the right.

New Democratic Party MP Svend Robinson, who is openly gay, called Spencer a “bigot” and said his comments were “absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.”

He said it wasn’t the first time MPs from the Alliance had made these types of comments and criticized Harper for appointing Spencer as family issues critic.

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