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Woman Fined P8,000 for Adultery

Mmegi, February 11, 2005
Gaborone, Botswana

By Onalenna Modikwa

Botshabelo Customary Court recently fined a married woman P8,000 for breaking up a family. Shadinyana Tlapeng was found guilty of falling in love with a married man, Goitsemang Moleele against the will of his wife, Lerato Modangule.

The court heard that Modangule who was aware of the affair since 2000, caught the two love birds at Tlapeng’s home on the night of January 1. She said that she acted after a tip off and that her husband has deserted the marital home and lives at a house Tlapeng, allegedly rented for him. She said at one point, she confiscated a duvet belonging to Tlapeng at the rented house as she believed it was bought with part of the P14 000 her husband had spent on his lover. She said her husband was spending money on another woman yet his children were going hungry. When she caught the two love birds in the act, her husband jumped out naked through the window and tried to hide in the yard.

Modangule’s witnesses, Torowe David and Ivy Lesole who happened to be Tlapeng’s neighbours, testified that on the night, they saw Moleele naked. Lesole said she saw a man that she knows as Moleele wearing a BCP shirt entering Tlapeng’s house at night. After Modangule caused a commotion to disturb the lovers, David lit a torch and found Moleele naked after he escaped through the window.

However, Tlapeng told the court that she was bathing at the time and was surprised to see her home packed with people. She said she did not know that it was unlawful to have an affair with Moleele. She said Moleele told her that his marriage with Modungale is no more because it was initiated by her (Modungale) using muti.

Moleele said in court that he does not consider Modungale as his wife because he has already instituted divorce proceedings against her. He denied ever being in love with his wife and said he never visited her at night. Moleele also denied ever coming out of a window naked as claimed and said that on the night he was having a bath at his home.

Delivering judgement, Deputy Court president Arnold Somolekae said the court is satisfied that the evidence provided by Modungale’s witnesses is enough to convict Tlapeng. He said Moleele’s statement that he was bathing was unacceptable as it was unconvincing. Tlapeng was ordered to pay Modungale P8 000 in three months or her property will be auctioned to get the amount.

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