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Lesbian Love

Belize Times, October 17, 1999
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By Dickie Bradley

The British are very tolerant of homosexuals. So from a lesbian point of view it would be expected that Belizeans as former British subjects would pick-up the habits and attitudes of their former masters.

In Britain, homosexuals do not have to worry about the law, since this lifestyle is quite legal. In Belize homosexuality is a criminal offence punishable with imprisonment. The only thing worse than imprisonment is the social stigma and ugly names that follow homos wherever they go.

The attitude against homosexuals is well known and the big event that marked the arrival of the "Leeward" ship to Belize is still recent enough.

By contrast Belizeans seem to be more tolerant of lesbians. A man who will loudly condemn a homo, suddenly becomes soft spoken and understanding on the subject of lesbians.

Women are the interesting study on this subject. Some outright condemn, but most seem understanding or are not prepared to be as hard-line as men are against homosexuals.

But most men take a different view, very few are hard-line and a number that have no problem with females who are of a different sexual orientation.

Before we proceed let it stated that the Bible condemns these practices outright, or should I say it definitely condemns homosexuality only. Leviticus chapter 20 verse 13 states, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them." I stand corrected on whether there is a similar passage in the Holy Book concerning lesbians and though I recall how Moses wrote many laws on a wide variety of matters, I am unable to recall his view on lesbians.

Maybe this is another reason for the sympathetic view many Belizeans have on lesbians. Homos are condemned left, right and center, but not lesbians. Lesbians are such a curiosity that quite a number of men are attracted to them.

Some of Belize's well known and not so well known lesbians rate high on any list of sexually attractive women. This article would be much more interesting if we could call names but we can't be like the irresponsible UDP news-sheet, and in fairness it is absolutely unfair to be printing the names of lesbians in our society given the prejudice that exists. And given the laws of libel that would be invoked in some instances.

Which reminds me, only two weeks ago the word was circulating in gang quarters that a house off Fabers Road which has become a well known dance spot and meeting area for homos, was going to receive gun shots because they too facey with their faggotry. Some well known personalities in Belize whom it turns out are homos are regular visitors to this house. A white cement house according to two neighbors who came to expose the affairs via the call in radio show.

By contrast a house in the Kings Park area where lesbians are said to gather on a regular basis is of no concern to anybody. Or could it be that lesbians are a bit more discreet? In fact many men would want to receive an invitation to the Kings Park gathering. Some men will tell your that lesbian lovers are the best. They are patient, understanding etc. These same men will tell you that homosexuality is nasty and dem big bat... man wahn somebody fi lash dem out.

The deeper the issue is prejudice. And if we can take our cue from party politics in Belize, we will have a clearer picture of the matter.

Party politics in Belize borders on stupidity in many areas. People will dislike you for no reason (so you can ignore how intense is the dislike when they think they have a reason). A lot of party politics in Belize is about personalities because it is difficult for our politicians to deal with issues. Because I support the PUP I will no doubt take the view that we try very hard to deal with and discuss the issues, while the other side dabbles in pettiness and people's personal lives.

In party politics the very persons who are in government are guilty of something, for example- victimization (retrenching 800 civil servants, incompetence (impotent on crime), waste ($50 million Central Bank), corruption (the immigration scandal)- will be the same persons who in opposition will be pointing fingers and accusing others of the same things they are guilty of. In the New Testament Jesus refers to such persons as hypocrites.

Not that what Jesus said is going to change anyone, although it should. Those trapped in their prejudice will make no effort to climb out of it. Homosexuals will continue to be mocked and scorned. But lesbians, well, they seem a bit different. Let's just say it is lesbian love.

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