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Husband and Maid Cited for Adultery

Gulf Daily News, February 4, 2005
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By Mohammed Aslam

A BAHRAINI man and his wife’s maid have each been charged with adultery.

But the Filipina maid claims she was repeatedly raped by the man, who eventually made her pregnant.

The 38-year-old man was estranged from his wife, who lived at her father’s house with her maid.

But the maid regularly took their children to visit the father and it is then that the alleged adultery took place, the Lower Criminal Court heard.

In August last year, the 33-year-old woman told the wife that she was pregnant by her husband, after being repeatedly forced to have sex with him.

But the husband denies ever having sex with the maid, claiming that she wanted to blame somebody after getting pregnant and knew he and his wife were already having problems.

The prosecution case is that the husband committed adultery with the maid and that the maid was party to the crime by consenting to sex with him.

It says the couple had separated and the 31-year-old wife went to live with her father.

A medical examination last August showed that the maid was 25 weeks pregnant, said the prosecution.

But the husband’s lawyer said there was no medical or any other evidence to support the adultery charge, or the maid’s claims that the husband had raped her or made her pregnant.

He said the medical report showed the maid was pregnant, but did not identify the husband as the father.

The lawyer also said that the maid was unable to describe any identifying features of the husband’s body, despite claiming that she had been forced to massage him and have sex with him while he was completely naked.

“She is lying. She wanted to put the blame on my client when she got pregnant, because there was a marital problem between the husband and wife,” said the lawyer.

The maid claimed that the husband forced her into sex every time she took the children to see him and also forced her to watch and re-enact acts in pornographic films.

She said the husband first began raping her in March last year and a month later she realised she was pregnant.

“I was scared and he asked me not to tell the madam. I also did not want to add more problems between them,” she told police.

“In May 2004 I travelled to the Philippines and thought of getting an abortion, but then I changed my mind and returned to Bahrain.

“When my pregnancy reached its fourth month I told madam about it. I told her that her husband sexually assaulted me and made me pregnant.” The case was adjourned until February 14, when a verdict is expected.

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