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Armenia Removes Anti-Gay Laws From Criminal Code UK, January 9, 2003

The Armenian National Assembly has voted to adopt an updated criminal code on its second reading - removing an anti-gay law.

According to the Association of Gay and Lesbian Armenians of France the country has repealed article 116 of its criminal code which punished sex between men with up to 5 years in prison

Seven men were sentenced in Armenia for gay sex in 1996, 4 in 1997 and 4 in 1999.

In 2000 ILGA-Europe (an international NGO) lobbied the Council of Europe, demanding abolition of article 116 must be included in the list of pre-conditions to Armenia being considered to enter the European Community

AGLA France said it is encouraging news that Armenia has taken such a step and that gay rights will improve in the country.

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