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Outrage! Petitions for Algerian Asylum Refugee UK, November 26, 2004

A gay Algerian refugee is in danger of deportation back to his home country, where a serious danger exists that he could be murdered by Islamist fundamentalists.

Outrage! are backing Ramzi Isalam’s claims for refugee status in the UK and has written to the Home Secretary, David Blunkett supporting his case.

Two of Isalam’s gay friends were murdered by the Islamic fundamentalists of the GIA (Group Islamique Arme) in 1994 and 1996. He grew up in a district that was a stronghold of the GIA, where, according to Outrage! gay people live in fear of torture, beatings and murder.

“I fled Algeria because the Islamisists beat me and threatened to kill me,” said Isalam. “Being deported back to Algeria would be a nightmare. It is a very dangerous place for lesbians and gay men. People like me get killed. I could not cope with always looking over my shoulder, fearful of being murdered because of my sexuality.”

Outrage! say that due to the fact that Isalam avoided military service, his return to Algeria would result in two years’ imprisonment in a military prison, where brutality is universal and gay inmates suffer routine queer-bashing and sexual assaults.

Brett Lock from Outrage! said: “Algeria is a very repressive homophobic Islamic state. The armed insurrection and terrorist campaign by Islamic fundamentalists poses an extreme danger to every lesbian and gay Alegerian. Gay people are targeted for assasination and extra-judicial killing. The Algerian state offers no protection and, in fact, criminalises homosexuality with inprisonment.”

The gay rights’ group are urging people to support Isalam by writing to the Home Secretary urging him to grant Isalam asylum or leave to remain in the UK on compassionate grounds.

Letters should be sent to Isalam’s solcitor so he can present them to the Home Secretary: Pierre Makhlouf, Hackney Community Law Centre, 8 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 0PD.

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