Last edited: December 05, 2004

Another Afghan Execution Fails

Planet Out, January 19, 1999

An 84-year-old man survives a high-tech Taliban stoning (of the tank and wall variety) and denies any homosexual activity — he’s impotent.

On January 15 in Kabul, Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban again punished a man for attempting a homosexual act by using a tank to push a stone wall over on top of him — but like two or three others of perhaps eight who have reportedly suffered this penalty, he survived. Although initially believed dead when he was dug out of the rubble of the 15-foot wall 30 minutes later, he was found to be alive, taken to a hospital, and was soon talking with reporters. By the same Islamic law which prescribes the punishment — a 20th-century version of stoning — those who are alive after half-an-hour are free.

The man, described in most sources as age 60, told the "Afghan Daily News" that he is 84, and not only innocent, but impotent. His alleged victim is 12 years old, although his age is not a factor in the punishment (and many boys that age in Afghanistan are already military veterans).

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