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Police Raid Dominatrix’s Residence

The Free-Lancestar, July 17, 2001
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By Kari Pugh

Instruments of bondage, sexual aids, computer and video equipment and client databases seized.

Detectives have raided the Aquia Harbour home of a self-proclaimed dominatrix advertising her services on the Internet.

Authorities seized a "substantial" inventory of instruments of bondage, sexual aids, computer and video equipment and client databases after the Thursday-evening search at 2001 Merrimac Drive, Stafford County Sheriff Charles Jett said.

The homeowner, 51-year-old Patricia Helen Meehan, had not been charged yesterday.

"We took items associated with what we were looking for as well as some other items considered contraband," Jett said. "We will be conferring with prosecutors about the case."

The Sheriff’s Office learned of Meehan’s Web site, titled "Mistress Jesse, D.C.’s Hottest Domina," as well as possible illegal activity within her home, from a family considering buying a house on Merrimac Drive.

According to the search-warrant affidavit, the prospective homebuyer contacted the Sheriff’s Office on May 30 about a conversation she’d had with her potential neighbor.

"We received a complaint reference sexual activity for pay, specifically dominatrix-related," the affidavit reads. "On March 26, the witness met Meehan and Meehan told the witness about her dominatrix business. She said she charged $275 per client, per hour. Meehan made reference to a dungeon in her home and offered to let the witness see the dungeon. The witness declined the offer."

After talking to the homebuyer and viewing the Web site, detectives found probable cause to search the house based on possible violations of state laws prohibiting "crimes against nature" and "keeping a bawdy house," the affidavit states.

Word of the dominatrix’s presence spread through Aquia Harbour shortly after the Sheriff’s Office launched its investigation.

On June 13, a group of worried neighbors met in Aquia Harbour with Stafford Deputy Mary Beth Boone; Supervisor Jack Cavalier, who represents the county’s

Griffis-Widewater District; and some members of the Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association’s board of directors.

"It’s a very unusual case," Cavalier said. "Residents are concerned about the type of people visiting this woman."

Aquia Harbour is a community of 2,500 single-family homes in North Stafford with its own police force and security gate. The subdivision’s bylaws prohibit home businesses of any kind.

"The neighbors are very concerned and they’d like to see this activity stopped," Cavalier said.

Detectives traced ownership of Mistress Jesse’s Web site to Meehan, according to the affidavit. It features photographs of a black-haired woman clad in black leather and depicts graphic sexual acts. The woman in the photos is Meehan, the affidavit states.

On the Web site, Mistress Jesse writes: "This is a private home, fully equipped for most kinks and fetishes, can accommodate anything from novice to masochist."

It also says: "Traveling to the D.C. area? Why stay in a lonely hotel when you can spend some time in Hell? My home is located near Quantico, Va. Single, extended, and overnight sessions are available at times, advanced appointments are required. Also, servants/housemates wanted."

Mistress Jesse advertises her services as nonsexual, but also promises sexual gratification, which is why detectives are investigating, Jett said.

Meehan yesterday did not return messages left on her answering machine, which says: "Hi, this is Jesse. I’m a little tied up right now, but I’ll play your message back later."

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