Last edited: February 14, 2005

Straight Man Joining Challenge to Virginia Sodomy Law

The Advocate, March 6, 2001

A man convicted of sodomy with a woman has joined the suit challenging Virginia’s sodomy law. Ten men convicted of soliciting sex from undercover police officers in a Roanoke park are appealing the convictions and challenging the constitutionality of the law. Fred Leslie Fisher, who was convicted of sodomy with a woman in a hotel room in Frederick County, is now joining the suit, says attorney Sam Garrison, who is leading the challenge. "There seems to be a widespread misperception that sodomy is something that’s committed only by gay people," Garrison said. "The overwhelming majority of violations of this statute every day and every night in this commonwealth are committed by straight people." The state’s sodomy law criminalizes all acts of oral sex engaged in by consenting adults. "In effect, this law makes every adult Virginian an unindicted felon," Garrison said. He has filed for a hearing before the state supreme court, which has yet to decide if it will take the case.

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