Last edited: January 14, 2005

Virginians Form Family Values PAC

Virginians promoting family values create political action committee for November state elections.

Virginia Family Values PAC, January 9, 2005
For Immediate Release
Contact: Waldo Jaquith, President
waldo (at) jaquith (dot) org

Charlottesville, VA—Virginians from across the commonwealth today announced the formation of a non-partisan political action committee to strengthen family values and families’ political influence in Richmond and in the November elections.

The PAC, Virginia Family Values, will focus on the statewide elections and targeted House of Delegates races, raising money to support pro-family candidates.

Virginia Family Values has named four of the candidates that they’ll be targeting for removal from office for their anti-family votes: Delegate Bob Marshall (13), Delegate Dave Albo (42), Delegate Dick Black (32), and Delegate Bob McDonnell (84). All four candidates have consistently voted against family and parental rights, and have introduced bills that would increase the size of government while decreasing family freedoms and privacy.

“The family is the foundation of our society,” explained PAC founder Waldo Jaquith. “Every time that these legislators have been given the choice between family values and bigger government, they’ve chosen wrong. They’re way out of touch with Virginia values, and we intend to show them the door.”

More information about Virginia Family Values is available on their website, at

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