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Letter: You and Deeds Need Clarity on Sodomy

C-Ville Weekly, January 8-14, 2002
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Your report about Virginia’s archaic crimes against nature law was incomplete and perhaps misleading. [December 18: Update: "Stiff Penalty."]

Here are the facts. That law, as written, does indeed apply to everyone, married and unmarried, gay and straight. It also applies everywhere, to public as well as private situations.

However, the bill rejected by the Courts of Justice Committee in the House of Delegates earlier this year [2001] was not a "watered down" version; it would have repealed the penalties for sodomy in private, adult, consensual situations.

More importantly, it also contained a tough-on-crime provision that would have increased the penalties for public consensual conduct.

It was this measure that then-Delegate Creigh Deeds and others rejected. Since the bill addressed the public sex problem, and according to Senator Deeds, the existing law is not applied to private situations, you may need to ask Senator Deeds again why he and the others opposed the bill.

Bill Kocol, Alexandria,

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