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Letter: Editorial Degraded Your Honor

Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 6, 2001
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I was very sick after reading the January 26 editorial, "Three Bills," by a no-name editor. I don’t exactly blame whoever wrote it, but I would be ashamed to put my name on anything as degrading as what was published on the Editorial Page of a paper like the T-D, not the grocery store Inquirer.

The third paragraph of that piece is despicable—no decent moral human being would want the "crimes against nature" law struck down except a homosexual.

This person doesn’t read the newspaper he writes for, for every day reports are published about horrible crimes committed by homosexuals against children. And your writer wants to turn them loose to ravage society’s children without even a slap on the hand, and call it a "defense of marriage act."

Read your Bible—Romans 1:18-32—then tell your readers to abolish the "crimes against nature" law.

—I.P. Watkins, Blackstone

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