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Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Opposing Amendment No. 1251

HATE CRIME STATISTICS ACT (Senate — February 8, 1990)

Congressional Record [S1070]

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, Washington, DC, July 18, 1989.

Dear Senator: The Leadership Conference on Civil rights, a coalition of more than 180 national organizations, representing minorities, women, persons with disabilities, older Americans, labor, and the major religious groups strongly supports enactment of the Hate Crimes Statistics Act, S. 419. We urge you to support the Hate Crimes Statistics Act because we believe that its enactment will allow the nation to begin to address the apparent increase in violent crimes motivated by racism, anti-semitism and other forms of bigotry.

American history is rife with crimes of hate against minorities. Lynchings, cross burnings and bombings have unfortunately been experienced by many Americans as they have struggled for freedom. Furthermore, incidents in Detroit, Michigan, Howard Beach, New York, and Forseyth County, Georgia, as well as the alarming instances of racial assaults on minority students on college campuses across the country speak loudly for enactment of this legislation.

All Americans are entitled to live free of the fear of intimidation and violence because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, their sexual orientation or their ethnicity. We urge you to support the Hate Crimes Statistics Act and oppose any amendments which frustrate the simple mission of this legislation: the collection of statistics on crimes motivated by prejudice and bigotry.



Executive Director.

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