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The American Jewish Committee Opposing Amendment No. 1251

HATE CRIME STATISTICS ACT (Senate — February 8, 1990)

Congressional Record [S1069]

The American Jewish Committee, Washington, DC, July 14, 1989.

Dear Senator: The American Jewish Committee urges you to support S. 419, the Hate Crime Statistics Act. The bill would require the collection and publication of data on crimes that manifest prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.

The Act is an important measure in the battle to eradicate bias-motivated violence. Such violence is on the increase, with crimes being committed by the Klan, Skinheads, and other neo-Nazi groups. It is imperative that each of the listed categories—race, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity—be included in the bill. Also, the act must be adequately funded so that the Attorney General’s office, and the law enforcement officials upon which that office will rely, will have available the resources necessary to make the Act meaningful.

The bill has bi-partisan support, and was recently endorsed by the Justice Department. We urge that the Senate pass S. 419, without weakening or irrelevant amendments, as an important step in the battle to end bias-motivated violence. There should be no exception to the principle that violence directed against an individual merely because of his or her identity must be condemned.


Sholom D. Comay, President.

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