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Sodomy Laws in Violation of Human Rights

"If sodomy is against the law of the Bible, then slavery must be allowed", December 9, 2002

The recent decision by the US Supreme Court to hear the Lawrence vs. Texas case (involving two men convicted for consensual sex under a Texas sodomy law) reminds us of the hypocrisy in this country where consenting adults are not permitted to have sex but pedophile priests are protected. Such anachronistic laws also remind us more of Taliban-like regimes than of a country of freedom.

The existence of sodomy laws is in total contradiction with the respect of human rights. How can a state have anything to say about what consenting adults do together privately? In addition, a State’s responsibility is to protect human rights and cannot declare what is "moral" as this is a violation of the separation of church and state. Raelians, many Christians and Jews (just to name a few) believe that enjoying the pleasures of life is a key to a more peaceful and happy society, and that any sexual practice is good as long as it involves only consenting adults.

For those who quote the Bible for creating laws, if every letter of the Bible is to be respected, then we will be allowed to sell daughters into slavery (Exodus 21:7), killing people that work on Sundays (Exodus 35:2), kill men for getting haircuts, (Lev. 19:27), playing football (touching the skin of a dead pig Lev. 11:6-8) and many more examples of which if human rights are respected, these ancient (and stupid) laws would be ignored.

In order to protest against sodomy laws in the states where they exist and accelerate the overturning of these antiquated laws, the U.S. Raelian Movement invites "sodomizing citizens" to massively turn themselves in, and by doing so to overwhelm the judicial system with sodomy cases, forcing these ridiculous laws to finally be abolished which the Supreme Court will surely do by June of 2003.

  • For interview requests with Rick Roehr, President of the US Raelian Movement please contact Donna Newman, Public Relations at: 305-690-9800

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