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The Enron Scandal & The Left’s "Social Engineering" Agenda

Charlotte World (conservative religious), January 29, 2002
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By Warren Smith

There has been a lot of ink spilled these past few weeks about the Enron scandal. The media have blamed the scandal on inadequate regulation, dishonest executives, the hubris of senior management, and the sloppiness of accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

It’s likely that all of these factors contributed to the disaster. But there has been one other major contributing factor. That is the role that a small minority of corporate "social engineers"—often found in the human resources and public relations departments of our largest companies—have played in creating a culture in "Corporate America" that encourages its leaders to "make up the rules as they go along."

We see their work—and a complicitious business media—when we read headlines like: "The New Rules In Business." Or "Visionary Leaders Are Redefining Everything." On one level, such headlines are fluffy and banal. But on another level they are insidious and destructive, for they imply and give voice to a worldview that is at odds with a traditional, biblical morality. Few have stopped to observe that these headlines—and the attitudes they describe—are nothing more nor less than the age-old heresy, the false promise that got us kicked out of Eden: "You can be as God."

Nowhere is this attitude more in evidence than in the battle over same-sex domestic partnerships in large corporations. According to the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign, a near majority of the Fortune 500 companies now offer same-sex domestic partner benefits to employees. And—not incidentally—all of the "Big Five" accounting firms (including Arthur Andersen) now offer same-sex benefits.

Why is this significant? It is significant because every one of the Fortune 500, and every one of the "Big Five" accounting firms, do business in places where homosexual behavior—sodomy—is illegal. In other words, these companies have corporate policies that condone—if not outright encourage—illegal behavior.

This unfortunate reality has two tremendously corrosive and destructive effects. First, it fosters hubris on the part of the senior executives. "We’re enlightened, we’re progressive. It may be against the law, but it shouldn’t be. We’re inventing the future, re-writing the rules, so we must stay on the vanguard of social change." Is it any wonder that executives of such organizations would have few qualms about breaking other laws?

Secondly, such an organizational culture co-opts employees who do have moral qualms about such policies. Christian employees who invest their time, talents, and gifts with these corporations end up, whether they like it or not, directly aiding and abetting the evil that they do. Many know this, and protest—at the risk of their careers—or leave. And the corporation wins another battle in their war of moral attrition.

Or they don’t protest. They "compartmentalize" their beliefs. And the next time it comes time to make a moral stand—perhaps over something, even, that is "more" immoral or illegal, they have already gone through the mental gymnastics. It becomes easier and easier to look the other way.

Am I saying that the pro-homosexual campaign that is active in many large corporations led to the Enron scandal? Not directly. But I am saying that any business or political organization that forces its members or employees or citizens to compromise their moral and ethical standards is bound to become an organization in which compromise becomes the norm.

So whatever else results from the Enron scandal—and there will be many financial, legal, and regulatory consequences—I hope that it will also force some of our corporate leaders to take a look at the "social engineering" agenda that many of them have embarked upon—and see if perhaps they have not already taken a step too far.

The obvious solution is to legalize sodomy so that these companies would no longer encourage illegal behavior. —Bob Summersgill

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