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Homophobic Gulfport City Councilman Introduces Anti-Gay Resolution with Inaccurate Facts 

Equality Mississippi, July 17, 2003
Contact: Jody Renaldo; Executive director

JACKSON, MS—Gulfport City Councilman Billy Hewes, well known for his past anti-gay rhetoric and homophobia, has introduced an anti-gay resolution to be considered for adoption by the Gulfport City Council on Tuesday, July 22, 2003.

The resolution reads as follows: 

“A resolution by the Gulfport City Council to memorialize its concern over the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down state legislation prohibiting same sex marriages, and to show support for a constitutional amendment to authorize states to legally and constitutionally legislate the illegality of same sex marriages”

First of all, the U.S. Supreme Court did not strike down state legislation prohibiting same sex marriages. Billy Hewes should get his facts right before jumping the gun with his hate motivated resolution. The U.S. Supreme Court *did* strike down sodomy laws in the United States. Sodomy has nothing to do with marriage.

Second of all, we are left to wonder why the residents of Gulfport District 5 keep electing a man who, over the course of his political career, seems to think anti-gay legislation is more important business than real business of the City of Gulfport such as its crime rate, its education problems, and its infrastructure problems.


ALL GAY AND LESBIAN CITIZENS OF MISSISSIPPI AND THE MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST are encouraged to attend the Gulfport City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 22 to protest against Billy Hewes and against his resolution. It is time to let Billy Hewes and the Gulfport City Council know that HATE IS NOT A GULFPORT FAMILY VALUE and that government has no business nor constitutional authority to stick its nose into the private, legal consensual lives of tax-paying voting citizens.

When: This coming Tuesday, July 22, 2003—1:00 PM

Where: Gulfport City Hall, Gulfport, Mississippi

What: Protest city sponsored homophobia

Equality Mississippi is a statewide organization committed to achieving full recognition of the equal civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Mississippians. Equality Mississippi operates a web site at


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