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Pentagon: Discharge of Gays Rose

The Associated Press, June 1, 2001

WASHINGTON––The number of military personnel discharged for homosexual conduct or for stating their homosexuality rose by 17 percent last year to the highest total in recent years, the Pentagon said Friday.

The Army’s total more than doubled, while the Air Force had a 50 percent decline.

In all, 1,212 members of the armed services were discharged during the 2000 fiscal year that ended last Sept. 30, compared with 1,034 the year before and 1,145 the year before that, the Pentagon said.

Of last year’s total, all but 106 of the discharges were cases in which military members stated their homosexuality. The others were discharged for homosexual acts.

The military permits homosexuals to serve so long as they do not engage in homosexual conduct or state their sexual preference.

The Pentagon gave this breakdown, by service:

Army: 573 total discharges, compared with 271 the year before. Of the 573, all but 35 were troops who stated their homosexuality. The rest were people the Army said engaged in homosexual conduct.

Navy: 358 total discharges, up from 314 the year before. Of the 358, all but 42 were for homosexual statements.

Air Force: 177 total discharges, down from 352. Of the 177, all but 19 were for homosexual statements.

Marine Corps: 104 total discharges, up from 97 a year earlier. Of the 104, all but 10 were for statements.

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