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Letter: Misguided Try for ‘Balance’

Boston Globe, February 26, 2002
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Just when I thought that the Globe was going to stop its practice of seeking out opposition response to any story that has a remotely gay-positive aspect, I was proven wrong ("SJC limits prosecution for sodomy," Page A1, Feb. 22).

What on earth is C.J. Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, doing in any article about sodomy laws?

His comments are not relevant to the ruling or the laws. Indeed, he took the opportunity to rail against gay men.

Regardless of his personal beliefs, gay men should be treated the same as heterosexuals under the law.

For too long, police officers and park rangers have turned a blind eye to straight couples rolling in the hay but have arrested gay men for doing the same.

The Globe should evaluate its use of demagogues under the mistaken guise of providing "balance."

- Lane Bourn, Rowley

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