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Testimony Against The D.C. Criminal Code Right to Privacy Amendment Act of 1993

A.K.A. Sodomy Repeal Bill 10-30

Marie Grosdidier de Matons
1315 "R" Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20009
Telephone: (202) 265-2184
January 29, 1993

The last time I tried to testify before the City Council, in opposition to the confirmation of Fred Thomas as Chief of Police, I was illegally prevented from testifying and illegally evicted from this Chamber. Later, it was falsely stated by Councilmember John Ray that there had been no opposition to Fred Thomas' confirmation. The truth is, my opposition was illegally suppressed, and Fred Thomas was illegally confirmed.

I am now in the process of complaining to the U.S. Congress that the D.C. Government basically operates as a subsidiary of the local homosexual community, and I would suggest that the D.C. Council not make their case worse by ever preventing me again from exercising my freedom of speech.

The reason we have sodomy laws is because of the gay community's well-established pattern of sexual behavior, consisting in cruising public places such as public restrooms and public bars, in search of sexual partners. Oftentimes, straight men end up being harassed and/or assaulted by homosexuals. Furthermore, consenting homosexuals are prone to conducting their sexual activities, which often involve male prostitution and assorted criminal acts including illegal drugs, in said public restrooms and parks, thereby consisting indecent exposure. Public restrooms had to be closed in all D.C. parks precisely because they constitute a hotbed of undesirable homosexual activity. Finally, we have sodomy laws because of the gay community's incontrovertible propensity for seducing and raping youth, both children and adolescents.

In short, society-at-large punishes sodomy because, by and large, it is harmful to society and has no socially redeeming value whatsoever.

Furthermore, homosexuals are the only people in the world who believe that the Federal Government in general and George Bush in particular are the cause of AIDS. Everybody else knows fully well that sodomy is the only cause of AIDS as well as hepatitis and a host of other sexually transmitted diseases. I just don't see how the gay community can demand that their lethal sexual practice be legalized and at the same time demand that the non-sodomite public spend billions of dollars in AIDS programs. It is time for the U.S. Congress to discontinue federal AIDS programs in those states which have legalized sodomy.

Finally, it is clear that the personal lifestyles of the overwhelming majority of D.C. Councilmembers nullifies their ability to render an unbiased decision on sodomy repeal. Since most members of the D.C. Council qualify for recusing themselves from voting on this matter, the Council should simply forego taking any vote on sodomy repeal, thereby laying this matter to rest for good.

In conclusion, it is time for the gay community to realize that the tables have been turned. We the straight citizens can and will target those councilmembers who fail to respond to the concerns of the moral majority.


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